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Newton NurseriesProject Details

Newton Nurseries started out as just another tree farm website, built on the Availability engine platform that we build Glueck Tree Farm on. However, Newton is a much larger company with multiple locations. Their size dictated a greater need for automation, with thousands of products. Since they already had a system for tracking inventory, we modified the original platform to be able to communicate with their database tracking system, and the website automatically updates itself nightly. We also put in sort features, so that the customer could look at one location at a time if desired, and we also created a login feature that would allow regular customers to see pricing. Since Newton is a wholesaler, they do not want the pricing information to be widely broadcast. Some customers buy in volume from Newton, so we built in a calculator, so the logged in customer could see what their discount may be, depending on the volume they purchase. So, we took an already sophisticated system and added a level of automation and customization that makes this site a heavy duty piece of machinery. We often say, 'if you can dream it up, we can build it' and in this case, that statement really rings true. No matter how large or complex your company, we can build a system that fits your needs. Newton Nurseries uses their website every day, and benefits from the ease of communications it affords with their customers. Check out their website at www.newnurseries.com


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